Jan 06 2022

Now Hiring Lead Veterinarian

Now Hiring Lead Veterinarian

Bella SPCA Non-Profit Veterinary Hospital is seeking an experienced FT or PT Veterinarian to join our clinic team. Our hospital is small animal-focused only with updated diagnostic machines, a surgery suite, a kennel area, three exam rooms, and designed to assist low-income pet owners with the cost of veterinary care as well as being open to the public.  We provide the best care possible regardless of an owner’s ability to pay.  Compassion and empathy towards people and animals are a must. 

Our clinic is open M-F, 8a-5p with the hope of expanding to 8:00 pm one or two days a week with additional staff. No emergency on-call, no overnights, and only one Saturday a month for vaccine outreaches. Salary range is $120k-$130k for FT and comparable hourly for PT, based upon experience.

Please contact Eric McCune at eric.mccune@bellaspca.org or visit www.bellaspca.org/lead-veterinarian to apply. We would love to add you to our family!

Mar 26 2021



SNIP! SNIP! HOORAY! Low-cost spay & neuter, all day, every day!

Spring is just around the corner and romance will be in the air for our furry friends.  Did you know an average cat has 1–8 kittens per litter and can have 2–3 litters per year?  During a female cat's reproductive life, she can produce more than 100 kittens.  That means a single pair of cats and their offspring can produce as many as 420,000 more cats in just 7 years.  YIKES!!!

Spaying and neutering not only prevents unwanted litters and reduces the number of animals in shelters, but also helps your pet live a longer, happier, healthier, life.  There's a whole laundry list of problems stemming from a dog or cat being unaltered so don't wait until it's too late.  Call us today and schedule the "fix" for your best friend!

Cat Neuter: $75

Cat Spay: $120

Dog Neuter: $95-$115 (prices vary by size)

Dog Spay: $150-$170 (prices vary by size)

Price includes pre-surgery exam/bloodwork and pain meds.