Bella SPCA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Oklahoma City created to assist low-income, elderly or terminally ill pet owners with the cost of veterinary care when it cannot be afforded and also find permanent loving homes for rescued animals.

To be considered for this program, please review and follow the guidelines below.  

At this time, Bella SPCA is not accepting applications for animals under treatment at All Hours Animal Hospital and Emergency Center in Moore, OK. 

  1. Applicant must be seen by a veterinarian before an application can be submitted.
  2. Applicant must apply for Care Credit before an application can be submitted. Click Care Credit Online Application. Choose the VETERINARY option under "I'm not ready to choose a doctor yet" and then NEXT.  Any amount granted by Care Credit must be applied to total cost before funding will be considered.
  3. Itemized cost and type of procedure will be required to complete an application process. Bella SPCA will only provide funding in the amount of the cost stated on the itemized list of procedures.
  4. Bella SPCA will not provide funding for long term care. Most instances will be for no more than 30 days and will not provide for multiple instances of treatment or elective procedures.
  5. Bella SPCA does not reimburse the cost of veterinary care if procedures have already been performed.
  6. Bella SPCA does not provide funding for a past due bill so that an animal can be released from a veterinary clinic.
  7. Bella SPCA requires arrangements must be made to have dog/cat spayed or neutered, or animal must already be altered. Owner has 30 days to present animal for spay or neuter at an approved veterinarian or a spay/neuter clinic. Failure to do so will cause revocation of funds. After a procedure is complete, documentation must be presented to owner's regular veterinarian. If health reasons do not permit an animal to be altered, special consideration may be granted.
  8. Bella SPCA requires all recipients volunteer 8 hours of their time to Bella SPCA or a local animal shelter/animal rescue in their area. Owner has 48 hours to make volunteer arrangements with Bella SPCA. Failure to do so will cause revocation of funds. If an owner is unable to volunteer because of physical limitations other arrangements may be made at the discretion of Bella SPCA.
  9. Bella SPCA limits funding to one (1) instance per twelve (12) month period beginning from date funding is provided per household.
  10. Bella SPCA requires submission of documentation providing amount and source of income and ID verification with the application (IRS Tax Return Form, recent paychecks, or SSI statement) for all working adults in the household.  Bella SPCA uses 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine eligibility for funding. Applicants total household income cannot exceed 200% of poverty level based on household size. Please click HERE to view income guidelines. Additional proof of hardship may be submitted and considered if total household income exceeds 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Unemployment benefits will not be accepted as proof of income. Please ensure all instances of social security numbers are removed from any documentation submitted.
  11. Bella SPCA requires adequate living conditions for an animal after the procedure is performed, i.e. fenced yard, dog house, food, water.
  12. Owner agrees to provide a photo of their pet and agrees to allow Bella SPCA to use any images submitted at its discretion.
  13. Owner agrees to have images and information from their case used as a fundraising tool and to provide additional information including filmed interviews if funding is provided. Owner agrees to participate in a video testimonial at a predetermined time and location.
  14. Bella SPCA is not responsible for the loss of a pet due to any procedure performed. 
  15. Recipients of funding are not eligible to adopt a pet from Bella SPCA.

If you feel you meet these guidelines and have completed all steps please click below.



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