"Serving as a lifeline of support, hope, and care for the people of Oklahoma and their pets."

Bella SPCA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Oklahoma City created to assist low-income, elderly or terminally ill pet owners with the cost of veterinary care when it cannot be afforded and also find permanent loving homes for rescued animals.

Every year thousands of animals are euthanized or die because the people who love them cannot financially absorb the cost of veterinary care. Stray and abandoned animals have even fewer options when brought into a clinic or veterinary office with no owner to pay for their care.

At Bella, we believe every animal deserves to receive the best possible care regardless of the owner’s ability to pay. When an owner brings an animal into a clinic for care and cannot afford the cost, the attending veterinarian can contact Bella for assistance. If assistance is given, the owner must agree to volunteer 8 hours of their time either at our organization or a local shelter in their area. Stray or abandoned animals are cared for with no stipulation attached. We also require that every animal sponsored by us be spayed/neutered and micro chipped. Micro chipping is an inexpensive way to reunite lost pets with the owners who are responsible for them.

Every animal adopted into a loving home by Bella is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested, and micro chipped to give them the best possible start in their new life.