An important decision today can be your lasting legacy tomorrow.


Your support over the years has given us the ability to save countless animals in our community, and by naming Bella SPCA in your will, you will create a legacy of support that will continue that ability in your honor.

Bella SPCA has served as a lifeline of support, hope, and care for the people of Oklahoma and their pets since 2007.  Every day you give us the ability to keep people and their pets together and make our community better for animals.

A bequest in your will allows you to give to Bella SPCA without impacting your current financial situation today but will make a major impact on our mission tomorrow.  Your gift will provide lasting support to make sure our mission continues.

EJ McCune



You can designate Bella SPCA (EIN #20-5781826) as a:

  • Direct beneficiary of specific assets within your estate
  • General beneficiary of a portion or percentage of your estate
  • Contingent beneficiary of assets designated for loved ones should they not survive

Your bequest to Bella SPCA can take any of several forms*:

  • Outright bequest: You may bequeath cash, securities, jewelry or any other personal property to Bella SPCA.
  • Devise of real estate: You can bequeath real estate, land or buildings to Bella SPCA.
  • Beneficiary designation: You can name Bella SPCA as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or bank account.
  • Trust beneficiary: You can name Bella SPCA as either the beneficiary of the income from a trust or beneficiary of a trust at its termination.

(*Note: Non-cash assets will generally be converted to cash.)


Further Assistance:

Please contact Bella SPCA, at

Note: Bella SPCA offers this information as a courtesy. Please contact your attorney for professional assistance in preparing and executing all legal documents.  Please note our EIN number 20-5781826 on any documentation. 

If you decide to take the step of planned giving and generously add Bella SPCA to that plan, please notify us at